Management Consulting for NonprofitS and Investors

Serving marginalized communities is our utmost passion and a cornerstone in our career successes.

Equipping mission-driven organizations and leaders to high impact results

CEO and Founder Susan Hairston formed SHC with a dynamic team of strategists, financiers, operation managers and founders who have acquired great success in the philanthropic field. We are committed to leading clients & organizations forward in a mission-driven and impact focused manner.

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What we do

SHC specializes in developing strategies to fund nonprofits, create equitable grant-making operations, leadership development and strategic planning.

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Do you need a Business Continuity Plan? Do you have a new board or leadership team and need to reset?

Organizational Assessment

Have you faced an internal or externally imposed crisis and need triage? Find out how The SHC Group can help.
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Funding Strategy & Proposal Development

Is your board ready to uplevel and meet the growing demand for your services?

Funding Strategy & Proposal Development

Are you sought after for RFP's, partnerships and collaborations yet worried about making payroll or meeting other critical obligations?
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Strategic Planning & Change Management

We have the experience, resources and tools to help leaders steer their organizations.

Strategic Planning & Change Management

As businesses continue to navigate an ever-changing market, how are you adapting, innovating and keeping your organization at the forefront of your industry?
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Grant-Making Operations

Interested in starting a grant-making foundation?

Grant-Making Operations

Are you a funder looking to ensure your procedures are equitable, efficient and ethically operating?
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Executive Coaching

Are you looking to advance your career or achieve short- & long-term organizational goals?

Executive Coaching

Are you leading your organization proactively and intentionally or do you feel anxious for the future of your business?
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DEI Development

Has your organization embarked on redefining your DEI policies and processes?

DEI Development

We are uniquely positioned to help you institute, refine, and formulate goal-oriented Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs.
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Board & leadership coaching

Are you leading your organization proactively and as intentionally as you would like or feeling at the whim of the next crisis? Find out how the shc group with more than 45 years of leadership experience can help.

Our proven methodology will enable you to identify your leadership, equity & inclusion, financial and information opportunities.

Learn more about us and our services:
Our Mission

We want to give each engagement the time and guidance you deserve

Project & financial management services – with headcount at an all time low and demand on your organization’s resources at an all time high, managing for the financial and operational implications of programmatic change is vital.

Message us to start a conversation on how The SHC Group can curate a unique action plan for you and your organization.