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SHC attends The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) Conference

As we look back over 2023 memories, the SHC team is excited to highlight a truly transformative experience: our attendance at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) Conference. 

FlashbackFriday to the ALC 2023, when we had the privilege of joining some of the brightest minds and change-makers in our nation’s capital. ✨

The CBCF Conference was a remarkable blend of inspiration, education, and empowerment. It was a place where ideas converged, where diverse voices amplified each other, and where the SHC team witnessed the incredible power of collaboration.

From engaging panel discussions with thought leaders to networking sessions that opened doors to new opportunities, this event left an indelible mark on our vision and journey heading into 2024. It served as a reminder of the importance of community, mentorship, and striving for excellence.

The CBCF Conference wasn’t just a conference; it was an embodiment of the change we wish to see in the world. 🌍 It ignited a passion in us to continue striving for equity, inclusion, and justice in all that SHC does.

As we revisit this memory on hashtagFlashbackFriday, we encourage you all to reflect on the pivotal moments in your own professional journeys. What’s a memory, event, or experience that has shaped your path?

SHC sponsors the New Jersey Center for Nonprofits

A big shout-out to the incredible New Jersey Center for Nonprofits team for orchestrating an outstanding conference! Thank you for providing a valuable platform for networking, learning, and collaboration. You created an environment where ideas flourish, connections thrive, and nonprofits grow. The energy and enthusiasm from everyone involved was truly inspiring

We are truly honored and happy to have had the chance to sponsor 5 nonprofit organizations and participate in such a dynamic gathering of industry leaders, innovators, and experts.

SHC attends The ABFE’s Women in Philanthropy Retreat

The retreat brought together C-Suite executives and Rising Sisters,  and ABFE Women CLFP Fellows. SHC joined to enhance our well-being through strategic career consultation, leadership development, and respite, fostering discussions on important issues and building a supportive network of advisors. We heard testimonials from founders, past attendees, and ABFE’s President and CEO, Susan Taylor Batten, was the highlighting of this transformative impact.


SHC presents at The Extremism's Impact On Public Education

Amidst the nationwide surge of regressive movements, New Jersey remains vulnerable to their attacks. Experts gathered to discuss the mounting risks to public education in the state and discover actionable steps to address these challenges.

Speakers : Darcy Draeger, Executive Director of Districts for Democracy (founded by Tom Malinowski); Mike Gottesman, founder of the New Jersey Public Education Coalition; Chris Bonner, a former President of the Summit Board of Education and Susan Hairston, Summit Common Council Pro Tempore and a former President of the Summit Board of Education.

SHC appears on The R.A.C.E. Podcast Philanthropy, Colorism, and Intersectionality with Susan Hairston

Welcome to Episode 2 of the 2nd season of The R.A.C.E. Podcast. Today I have the honor of speaking with Susan Hairston of Susan Hairston Consulting. She is an elected official and a deeply respected operations executive.  

SHC with a dynamic team of strategists, financiers, operation managers and founders meeting

SHC attends The Annual National Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) Week Conference in Washington

The White House Initiative on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence and Economic Opportunity through Historically Black Colleges and Universities hosted its annual national conference for 3,500 stakeholders including federal agencies, private sector companies, and philanthropic organizations. 

3 Women of Management Consulting For Nonprofits And Investors sitting on a couch having conversation

SHC attends ABFE’s Annual Black Women in Philanthropy Leadership Retreat

Black Women In Philanthropy (BWIP) 2022 was ABFE’s largest convening in the nine-year history of this annual retreat. This year’s theme was “Reimaging Radical Rest and Healing” and included 134 attendees with a focus on entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. 

Two brunette operation managers, talking, advising each other.

SHC shows support for new American Bar Association President’s initiative to focus on “civics, civility and collaboration"

The American Bar Association swore in senior Debevoise & Plimpton adviser Deborah Enix-Ross as its new president making history as her election means that, for the first time, both the largest associations of lawyers in the UK and US are led by black women. Ross, a friend and partner to SHC, addressed the ABA’s House of Delegates outlining a range of initiatives that promote public understanding/transparency of the judiciary system. 

Group Of People Drinking Coffee And Chatting about SHC partners with Habitat for Humanity

SHC partners with Habitat for Humanity to bring underprivileged people together to inspire hope within local communities

As the country faces an affordable housing crisis, CEO of SHC, Susan Hairston, collaborated with the Summit City officials and the Senator to acquire pro bono and reduced-fee professional services from architects, environmental and engineering consultants, attorneys and real estate appraisers to build new homes for the community