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Our team brings TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, and TRUTH to every client we partner with. Serving marginalized communities has been a thread throughout our lives and a cornerstone in each of our careers.

We are The Susan Hairston Consulting Group

Our BIPOC team understands complex organizations, the nonprofit sector, financial operations, grant funding, community engagement, leadership development & coaching and have achieved a documented reputation of excellence.

Susan Hairston

CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder Susan Hairston (MPA) has led grant-making operations for multi-billion dollar foundations and programmed millions of dollars throughout her career including 20 years of overseeing program operations for Ford Foundation and their global offices. 

Deanne Chevannes

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer Deanne Chevannes has extensive expertise in technology planning and implementation, an in-depth knowledge of philanthropy and its governing guidelines, regulations and best practices. Her roles span product management, sales, software delivery and customer management.

Joy-Marie Abulokwe-Krapp

Chief Program Officer

Chief Program Officer Joy-Marie Abulokwe-Krapp has dedicated her philanthropic career to improve the well-being of humankind by preventing and solving social problems. In her capacity as Program Officer and Program Director, she managed a portfolio of over $265 million to a variety of charitable organizations in the United States and around the world. Her diverse portfolio includes child welfare programs, housing discrimination programs, audience development programs for arts institutions, conflict resolution and health & welfare programs.

Ray Wilburn

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer Ray Wilburn (CPA, MBA) is an accountant extraordinaire and has overseen the accounting, audits, analytical support, fiscal record reviews and financial operations for profit and nonprofit entities in addition to running his own businesses. As a former veteran, he has stayed true to his vision that organizations have the most efficient, compliant, sustainable and scalable structures to uplift the economy.

Brooke Tippens

Chief Development Officer

Chief Development Officer Brooke Tippens is an accomplished CFRE who has successfully managed the logistics of more than 100 fundraisers, procured over $50 million in federal grants and contracts and has held diverse positions in a wide variety of industries including community affairs, program management, event planning, public relations and fund development. The majority of her current work focuses on servicing those in need including managing and growing community based programs and identifying sustainable resources to support them.

Miyesha Perry

Lead Consultant and Business Analyst

Our Lead Consultant and Business Analyst Miyesha Perry is a results-driven leader with 20 years of grant-making, business operations and non-profit experience that includes grants management, change management, strategy design and implementation, process design & management, coaching/training/ mentoring, talent development, workshop facilitation and public speaking. She led The Rainin Foundation’s GM Team in developing its new strategic plan and DEI agenda and is a founding board member of the Black Philanthropic Alliance (BPA). 

About Susan Hairston

Founder & CEO

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