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Equipping mission-driven organizations and leaders to high impact results

Organizational Assessment

Is your organization delivering results, but you fear staff burnout? Do you need a Business Continuity Plan or have a new leadership team that might need a reset? Have you faced an internal/ external crisis and need triage?

Find out how The SHC Group can help.

Funding Strategy & Proposal Development

Are you sought after for RFPs, partnerships and collaborations but worry about making payroll or meeting critical obligations? Is your board ready to help you meet the growing demand for your services?

The SHC Group can help you create a revenue roadmap.

Strategic Planning & Change Management

As the world and your organization adjusts to an ever-changing market, how is your team adapting, innovating and remaining steadfast in your mission?

The SHC Group has the experience, resources and tools to help leaders steer their organizations through restructuring, rebranding, adversities and newfound opportunities.

Grant-Making Operations

Does your team have any struggles with your current grant process? Is your grant process legally compliant and DEI approved? Need access to a larger database of potential grantees?

The SHC Group has a combined history of implementing and revamping procedures, tools and policies concerning grant-making operations. 

Executive Coaching

Are you and your board achieving the short and long term goals you set? Are you leading proactively and intentionally?

Find out how The SHC Group, with more than 45 years of leadership experience, can help you create a plan of action and execute it to fulfill your career dreams.

DEI Development

We are uniquely positioned to help you formulate, refine, and institute long-standing, goal-oriented Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs.

Don’t have a business but still want to embark on a personal journey to elevate your career? Send us a message!
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